Microsoft Launches Xbox All Access for $22/Month

Microsoft has announced a new way of buying an Xbox One. Called Xbox All Access, it allows gamers who may be struggling to fund an all-out purchase the chance to buy an Xbox One over two years. And at the end of the two years you own the console outright.

What Is Xbox All Access?

Xbox All Access is a monthly subscription that buys you everything you need to get gaming. For $21.99/month for an Xbox One S and $34.99 for an Xbox One X, you’ll get a brand new console, plus 24 months of both Xbox Live Gold and the Xbox Game Pass.

There are no upfront costs, and the hardware is offered at 0% APR. So you’re spreading the cost of buying a new Xbox One over 24 months. The Xbox Live Gold subscription will bag you free games, and the Xbox Game Pass buys you access to 100 titles.

The Pros and Cons of Xbox All Access

There are some clear pros and cons to Xbox All Access. The pros are the chance to own an Xbox One right now without having to pay upfront costs, and the potential saving you’ll make if you were planning to subscribe to Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass.

However, the cons are the fact that the price of an Xbox One is likely to drop within the next two years, potentially eradicating any saving. Plus the fact you’ll be paying for the Xbox Game Pass, which isn’t something most Xbox One owners bother doing.

Powered by Dell Preferred Account

According to Xbox Wire, Xbox All Access is “a limited-time offer available only in the U.S. at a Microsoft Store near you while supplies last.” It’s also limited to “qualified customers” which means people who apply and are approved for a Dell Preferred Account.

If you’re tempted to sign up to Xbox All Access, first, learn the differences between the Xbox One X and Xbox One S. You should then consider which is best: Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus? And finally you should read all about the Xbox Game Pass.

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Microsoft Launches Xbox All Access for /Month